Why Is Your Car Leaking Water?

Car Leaking Water

Have you ever parked your car after driving around Plymouth and noticed water leaking from underneath the frame? Water leaking from under your car is usually found near the back of your vehicle’s engine. Water near the tailpipe is usually condensation from the exhaust, which will go away once your vehicle’s muffler warms up. Although the cause is usually minor, sometimes this can indicate more serious issues that need to be addressed. Learn why your car is leaking water with a service center at Morrie's Minnetonka Mazda, and visit us if your vehicle needs serious repairs are maintenance.



Things to Consider If Your Car Is Leaking Water

Your car leaking water can be the result of several different things. Consider the following to determine why your vehicle could be leaking water:

  • Put a sheet of paper underneath where the water is leaking from to see what color the water is.
  • If the liquid is blue, green, or yellow, then it’s probably coolant leaking from your vehicle.
  • If a decently large amount of water is coming from your exhaust, then you may have a blown gasket that could be causing coolant to be burned with the fuel. This will usually look like larger puddles of water and white smoke coming out of your vehicle’s exhaust pipe.
  • If your vehicle is leaking coolant, you can double-check by checking the coolant reservoir and seeing if the level is low. If your coolant level is low, you’ll want to bring your vehicle to a service center as soon as possible.
  • If your windshield wiper fluid reservoir is cracked, then this could cause fluid to leak underneath your vehicle. Putting water in your windshield wiper fluid can cause this to happen as the water freezes, expands, and cracks the plastic container.
  • If it’s a light blue or light green fluid, then it’s more than likely windshield wiper fluid. You’ll usually find it by the front tires.

If you suspect that your vehicle is leaking something besides water, schedule service at Morrie's Minnetonka Mazda near Maple Grove.

What Is Leaking From Your Car?

After you place a sheet of paper underneath your vehicle and notice that it’s leaking a colored liquid instead of a clear liquid, then your vehicle is leaking something besides water. Here are the different types of fluid that could be coming from underneath your car based on the color:

  • Red – Transmission Fluid or Power Steering Fluid
  • Blue – Windshield Wiper Fluid
  • Dark Brown – Brake Fluid or Older Engine Oil
  • Light Brown – Newer Engine Oil or Gear Lubricant
  • Pink – Power Steering Fluid or Transmission Fluid
  • Orange – Transmission Fluid or Radiator Coolant
  • Yellow – Radiator Coolant
  • Green – Antifreeze from Water Pump, Hoses, or Radiator

For other service tips like how to open a Mazda key fob or anything else, you would need to know, reach out to the service experts at Morrie's Minnetonka Mazda.

Service Your Car in Minnetonka

Contact us to see why your car is leaking water or anything else, and use our service specials to get a great deal on our already affordable service and maintenance rates. Rely on Morrie's Minnetonka Mazda for all of your service and parts information.


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