Is the MAZDA3 Front-Wheel-Drive?

Parked 2021 Mazda3 Sedan


If you like the Mazda3 but are curious about its front-wheel-drive capabilities, then you’re probably wondering if the Mazda3 is a front-wheel-drive vehicle. The most current Mazda3 sedan and hatchback models come with front-wheel drive as standard and even have available all-wheel drive as an upgrade on the higher trims.



Learn more about the Mazda3 front-wheel-drive features and general information about front-wheel-drive with the experts at Morrie's Minnetonka Mazda. Then, feel free to make the drive to our dealership from Plymouth to experience the Mazda3 front-wheel-drive capabilities for yourself.

What Is Front-Wheel-Drive & What Does It Do?

If you’re like many Maple Grove drivers, then you might be wondering what front-wheel drive is and what it does. To understand what front-wheel drive is and what it does, you’ll need to understand how front-wheel-drive works. In vehicles with front-wheel drive, the transmission sends power to the front wheels, meaning that your two front wheels are what’s moving your vehicle on the road. This feature helps when road conditions are less than desirable as you’ll have better traction and control. Plus, vehicles with front-wheel drive usually get better fuel economy and put out less carbon dioxide compared to other vehicles with other drive trains.


If you drive a Mazda with front-wheel drive or any Mazda, then you’ve probably heard of Mazda SKYACTIV® Technology. This is an exclusive feature for Mazda vehicles that helps enhance performance and control on the Eden Prairie roads. Mazda SKYACTIV® Technology enhances performance by offering faster acceleration and an overall smoother process. When you pair Mazda SKYACTIV® Technology with the i-ACTIV AWD feature, you’ll have even more traction, power, and control.

Not only is the Mazda3 a front-wheel-drive vehicle, but has plenty of other features to help you drive with confidence wherever you go. Visit Morrie's Minnetonka Mazda to take a test drive in the Mazda3, and rely on our expertise for all of your Mazda vehicle questions.

How to Rotate Tires on Front-Wheel Drive Vehicles

Now that you know what front-wheel drive is, we’ll go over the process for rotating tires for vehicles with front-wheel drive. This is important in order to keep your Mazda with front-wheel drive performing at its best. Here’s how to rotate tires in front-wheel drive vehicles:

  1. Move the front tires to the back end of your Mazda vehicle.
  2. Keep the front tires on the same side of the car as they were before when you move them to the back end.
  3. Then, move the rear tires up to the front end of your Mazda vehicle.
  4. With the rear tires, switch sides so that the left rear tire moves up to the front right spot and the right rear tire moves to the front left spot.

The process of rotating tires for front-wheel drive vehicles is relatively simple, but we understand if you would rather leave it to the professionals. Schedule service with our service center in Minnetonka to have your tires rotated quickly, so you can get your Mazda3 back out on the road in no time.

Discover MAZDA3 Front-Wheel Drive at Morrie's Minnetonka Mazda

The best way to experience Mazda front-wheel-drive capabilities is to take a test drive of the Mazda3 at our dealership. Contact us to set up a test drive and get any of your Mazda or general car-care questions answered.


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